We've retired in North Dakota, one of the best kept secrets in the world...or as we like to say, "Welcome to another day in Paradise!"

North Dakota is home to one of most exquisite natural treasures on earth...the wild, rugged beauty that is known as "Theodore Roosevelt National Park" and also known as the badlands. It sits on the western slopes of the ranch lands and is home to wild horse herds and Bison that have roamed the area for "only God knows how long!" The rich Red River Valley of the Eastern Dakotas are some of the most productive farm lands on earth and the upper prairie lands that extend from Fargo to the Bismarck area produce most of the wheat used in the pasta flours world wide. The state is rich with the natural history of the Native American tribes that inhabited this space long before the white man ever glimpsed its beauty. The walleye fishing on the Missouri River brings annually huge tournaments and fall sees an influx of hunters from all over the world to experience hunting pheasant, ducks, geese and deer in this gorgeous natural setting. It is, perhaps one of the last frontiers of unspoiled land and natural wildlife.

It is to this rich heritage that Rauleigh and Eve Robinson have now retired....Rauleigh from his tour of duty with the Marines, having retired as a Marine Captain some years earlier and later from his law practice of many years. Eve, having taught fine arts for many years in the public school system, is now also retired. After over 35 years in the business of breeding and showing and standing 17 outstanding stallions to the public as well as breeding over 600 outside mares,we have decided to embark on a quieter lifestyle and have, too, retired from that venture. Though we have many wonderful memories of those years, showing the four horses, LF Austin, Padron's Zirka, Au Brocade, and Au Soliloquy to 19 first places and Championships in a double Class A Show....is one of our most treasured! (Photos of those beautiful horses can be seen on our "Champions" pages.)

Welcome to our corner of the world!.

Wishing you all a blessed new year.

And here it is 2018. Time for some updates! OH, I know we are supposed to be enjoying our retirement, well we are, just not doing it quietly!
In 2016 and 2017 we did several destination cruises that took us to Paris for lunch at "58" in the Eifle Tower and visits to the Louvre. For the Alantic Crossings we booked the Owner's Suite and the Grand Suite, which was beyond our wildest expectations. Then it was on to Spain where we shopped in Barcelona, then visited the Spanish Riding School specifially to observe training sessions. Later we spent a day visiting an Andalusian ranch where we were wined and dined and Senior Fredricco allowed me to mount one of his beautiful stallions for a photo.
In 2016 we were blessed with another purebred Saddlebred homozygous filly sired by TF X-Treme and out of The Haute Fame Fatalle. Then in 2017, just for fun, we purchased the miniature pony stallion, PF Puttin' on the Ritz. Little Ritz took more championships for us both in Mini competition and in Pinto earning all of his ROM (Register of Merit) points in both Halter and Tobiano by his 2 year old. What a little joy he is!


(First 6 photos below) Photo 1: 2015 was a milestone birthday for Eve marked by the gift of a spendid new show saddle! Photo 2: We enjoyed a cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Europe aboard the Ruby Princess. Eve ready for dinner aboard the ship. Photo 3: In 2015, X-Treme celebrated his 15th birthday and is just as lovely as the day we purchased him! Photo 4: Our newest champion and long awaited homozygous filly arrived out of our two World Champions! Photo 5: Rauleigh enjoying our private deck aboard the Ruby Princess. Photo 6: Rauleigh and Huntley back from another pheasant hunt on our oun south forty!

Photo 1: X-Treme By Design (Multi-Champion and Arabian US Nationals top 10 awards.) Photo 2: Paris by Night (Multi-Champion and Arabian US Nationals top 10 awards.) Photo 3: Bella (Wins the American Saddlebred California Weanling Futurity Championship at 4 months of age!) Photo 4: Beautiful Like Rain (Champion, Regional Champion and Arabian US Nationals top 10 awards.)

Next 4 photos below: In 2014....A dream came true as we were able to purchase one of the most rare and exquisite mares on the planet, the twice World Halter Champion, 17h homozygous pinto Saddlebred, THE HAUTE FAME FATALLE! Truly one of a kind! She was bred to our beautiful boy, TF X-Treme, to produce that long awaited homozygous foal. In June of 2015 that exquisite filly arrived and was to begin her show career in September at only 4 months of age, winning the California American Saddlebred Futurity!

HIGHLIGHTS OF 2013:A Grand year of wonderful horses, amazing travel, and the joys of family!

What a joy to own a horse like this!!! 2013 brought to our barn another wonderful World Champion who won the World Championship High Point Award, a Gil Chavez silver saddle, with 5 World Championships. We are pleased to present, WW Jeweled Image!

In June 2013 at the Pinto World Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our fabulous Pinto Half-Arabian mare, WW Jeweled Image, was awarded the High Point Award in the Pleasure division having won 5 World Champions in several division with more points and Res. World Championships in Halter, English Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Pleasure Driving, Side Saddle, Western Pleasure, Western Dressage and Trail. Our thanks to her trainer, Shawn Cline, and the team at Winddance Farms for the amazing training and splendid presentation of Jewel.

We ended the 2013 season with a wonderful December wine country tour visiting spectacular cities, 5 star hotels, quaint ancient villages, and centuries old wineries throughout Spain, France and Italy. This culminated in a liesurely cruise across the Atlantic to Fort Lauderdale, as we boarded the spectacularly decorated for Christmas, Ruby Princess.

We arrived home just in time to decorate, decorate, decorate and enjoy Christmas festivities with the entire family. Home for the holidays. What could be more perfect!

HIGHLIGHTS OF 2012 :What a wonderful year!

And...2012 was a wonderful year with a wonderful horse! We introduce to you and celebrate a great lady, TAHITIAN PEARLS

In August 2012, our fabulous Pinto Saddlebred mare, Tahitian Pearls is a awarded her "National Champion" title with the Pinto Horse Association having accumulated over 250 points in at least 3 open divisions. She was featured in the fall edition of Pinto Magazine! In 2011 she had already been named "Horse of the Year" in open Saddlebred halter having earned her Register of Merit and more total points than any other Saddlebred mare in the Nation! Now in 2012 she received 2 additional Register of Merit titles in English Pleasure and Ideal Pinto and also received her Register of Excellence in Open Saddlebred Halter, thus accumulating the necessary points for the top award from the National Pinto Horse Association. She was only one of 12 in the Nation in all breeds to have been awarded this honor. Thanks to Kathy Howes-Drysdale and Megan Rasmussen for their wonderful work in training and showing this mare! You two ladies are awesome!

(And the 2012 adventure continues with a spring Cruise to the Med!)Eve enjoying the "welcome aboard" champagne and amenities in the Suite on the Golden Princess/The poppies in Flanders's Field in France was an especially moving experience knowing how many of our soldiers are buried beneath these now protected flowers/We threw a coin in the fountain the last time we visited Trevi Fountain in Rome, the superstition is that you will then return...here we are! /Rauleigh says...."you can't beat the Suites!" /The Golden Princess is a splendid way to travel!

(More memories of our 2012 tour of the Med) We toured a very large farm in Italy by carriage ending in their splendid Winery. Of course we had to bring back a bottle or two to enjoy aboard the ship of this limited production wine!/Spain was a whirlwind of stunning architecture by Gaudi ending up in the Picasso Museum/ Rauleigh particularly enjoyed the Pub Tour in Gibraltar...visiting 7 very old pubs dating back a hundred years and more. Each provided a libation with appropriate servings of foods to complement their selections (this would be a do it again in a heartbeat tour!)

From the Penthouse Suite aboard the Golden Princess to shopping and touring in Paris, London, Belfast, Dublin and beyond, June 2011 was a splendid time cruisng the UK in celebration of Rauleighs's 65th Birthday!

(Above)Eve purchasing a painting from a street artist in London/Suite on the Golden Princess/Rauleigh visiting DunRobin Castle in Scotland/Owl used in the falconry demonstration at DunRobin (photo by Rauleigh)/Rauleigh in his element visiting St Andrew's Golf Course /Eve shopping on Kings Road in London (right in her element!)

(Above)Rauleigh and Eve having lunch at 300 year old pub in Dublin, McHughs/Rauleigh calling home from McHughs/MuHughs in Dublin/Well, of course...we all have to visit this...but I'm not sure why?/Lunch in Paris on the Seine River, exceptional French cuisine; entertained by a lovely French band and vocalist...Fabulous day! /Gardens at DunRobin....Eve wants to replicate these as soon as she acquires 100 serfs!!

One of the magnificent views along the extensive Missouri River that runs through the middle of the state of North Dakota.

One of our best memories is taking 4 of our own horses and showing them oursleves to 19 first places and Championships in a double Class A show. Not bad since Rauleigh never owned a horse until he married Eve!

Oh....did we mention.....that life is never dull on the North Dakota prairie? Rauleigh likes to caption this photo...."You might get in, but you won't get out!" Trail cameras set up to monitor the movement of the deer in preparation for fall hunting, caught the images of mountain lions prowling ours and other ranches during the night. This one was taken out by our 15 year old neighbor when it tired to kill her horses! They weigh in up to150 pounds. On November 27th of 2009....one was actually taken out by the Bismarck police department within the city of Bismarck. It had begun stalking a mother and her young son. They have also attacked numerous horses, cattle and sheep in our immediate area, so Eve renewed her hand gun permit and now doesn't go hiking with out it. >

In the summer of 2009, Eve brought back home, her all time favorite mare, Fame's Diamond Chip. In September, Eve headed back to the shows with her and they are winning again. A special "thank you" to Diana and Andi for letting this beautiful girl come back to our barn once again....see you at the World Championships in 2010!

And then, "the rest of the story!" Heading home from Tulsa, a winner, with 2010 World and Reserve World Championships for Eve and Fame's Diamond Chip. This made a year of hard work in the preparation, the marathon drive to get Fame to the show unblemished and healthy in the high heat and humidity , and the 4:00 am wake up calls and dealing with the 102 temps at the show, all worth it. In the end....there is nothing like winning to give you a natural high!!!

We are beginning to enjoy this semi-retirement. The kids have now learned to check with us ahead of time as we keep our bags packed and if the mood strikes us, we head off motorhoming or may be on another cruise. We think we may have been aboard the Sun Princess in 2007 visiting Russia on this cruise.

In the process of retiring, we sold off the indoor arena and that 40 acres and our home of 25 years and it's 9 acres and relocated to our beloved ranch southeast of Bismarck. The 160 acres has breathtaking pastoral views of big skies, wild game and native prairies that overlook the majestic Missouri River. An incredible sense of peace pervades the area with deer occasionally passing through, pheasants and quail who call this place home dancing about on the prairie, and foxes and coyotes romping about at the oddest of moments. In this peaceful setting, outstanding horses will continue to be bred...just on a smaller scale. Okay, it does snow up here in the north country once in a while...but it keeps the "riff-raff" out!

Our retirement home out on the ranch near the Missouri River.

Rauleigh likes to say that marriage is a compromise, so in building our retirement home, we both wrote down everything we wanted in the new home.....and then we built it all. We put in offices for both of us and a huge studio for Eve so that she can work on several projects at a time. Rauleigh's contribution was creating the circular, lighted from beneath staircase. It is breathtaking. The several fireplaces are faced with black china stone with etchings of wolves and wild horses. Stained glass windows with wolf and horse motifs are embedded in the walls, of course designed by Eve. Since one of the pass times both Rauleigh and Eve love is cooking, the home has two kitchens, one small one in the master suite upstairs and a gourmet kitchen complete with 2 dishwashers, a 6 burner Jenn-air, 4 sinks, 3 ovens and granite countertops on the main floor. Friends tell us that we will never be able to sell this for what we have into it given our location, but Rauleigh explains that we are playing "Ted Turner" (if you have ever run into his place on the Madison River in Montana). Rauleigh tells them that we built it to enjoy and don't ever intend to sell it....we will die here and let someone else worry about that problem! In the meantime, we will play with our dogs and horses and thank God for "another day in Paradise!"

The dogs, Huntley and Brinkley. Huntley is Rauleigh's English Cocker and hunting companion that is an amazing addition to Rauleigh's love for pheasant hunting. They rarely come back from a hunt without two or three in the game bag. Brinkley is Eve's Bearded Collie who thinks it is his responsibility to entertain everyone. He loves being outdoors so in the summer heat he sports his summer hair cut and in winter looks true to his breed. They are known as the "clown dogs" and he is very good at it.

Where is the farm truck? Didn't we park it behind the arena to be safe from the storm....ooops! Everyone talks about the weather, but we really do have "weather" out here on the prairie. We are the northern extension of the desert in the summer and that brings up dry and very hot winds. (We even have cactus in the pastures!) And in winter from the frozen northland we get what is fondly called "the artic express" which brings down the bitter cold. The highest summer temperature we have experienced was 118 degrees! The coldest was an incredible 47 below zero with a wind chill of 97 below on a Christmas Eve!

Finally, we are thankful for the many blessings that God has seen fit to bestow upon us. We thank him for the gifts of family, friends, health and the blessing of having been born in this amazing country where anyone who is willing to work hard enough, can truly achieve the American Dream!

Visitors are always welcome, but with an appointment, please.......

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